A story of the specially privileged, where the valuable resources are taken care to build their future. Located in the south of Bangalore, Ananya Trust is 24 kms away from the Bangalore City Junction railway station. A school for the poor and unprivileged students where learning through experiments and experience has be given importance. The students are not divided as per their age but as per their knowledge and understanding to cope up with things. Ananya as the name suggests is Unique that has proved to build the lives of so many children since 1998 with the help of Dr. Shashi Rao.


Recently on July 20th 2015, we as a Quest team planned to visit some school to conduct few activities for the students. With our search we came to know about Ananya Trust and decided to go there to laugh, enjoy and play with the students for a while. So one of our team members contacted the owner of the Trust and we were lucky to go there and spend some time with the students.


There was a smile and enthusiasm among the students and they were eagerly waiting for us, the time we entered the trust we saw their colourful rooms, paintings on the wall and small huts all around. Waiving and saying us hello all crowded our car and gave us a warm welcome. Our outdoor team started doing the set up and we engaged the students by talking and knowing more about their culture.


Soon we met their wardens and came to know that the trust has 54 students, they are from all over the Bangalore and they go back home on weekends. It was very strange for me to know that these small children go all alone by catching a bus and walking in the busiest streets of majestic. These children stay together and learn the essence of life; they are one and help each other like a family. The bonding in between them gives such a good example to the corporate people like us that everything is possible if we work together in teams.


Kids having breakfast


Their Lifestyle

We started with the small fun games and activities to entertain these children. After all our purpose was to serve them and make them feel good that they are lucky and a part of the society. We got around two hours to play with these children and so we conducted around 4 to 5 activities like Win as much as you can, Snake Skin, Tug of War, Longest Human Chain, pass the message, Balloon Under/Over etc. The students were so geared up and they were ready to take the next challenge. With every new event they showed interest and were listening to the rules with full attention. The teams were divided into groups and with their spirit and enthusiasm they tried their best to win all the rounds.


Win as much as you can


Pass the message


                                          Snake Skin


                                          Tug of war


Balloon over/ under


Kids having fun in water after the balloon activity

The happiness was easily seen in the eyes of these students. I could feel that how lucky we are to get everything in life and these students find happiness in simple small things. Later in the end we sang and danced with these students for some time and shared our experience with them. We thanked them to call us and let us show our love towards them. Even they greeted all of us with a greeting card and asked us to come back again with more fun and new activities.


The kiddos of Annanya
a13Thank you card given by the kids

While leaving the students in small groups showed their campus to us, the way they live, the classrooms, playing area, science lab, computer lab, library, a small stage where they conduct functions and their dining area. The campus has 4 foreigners who are there as a part of their course to experience their time with these students.

a14Hindi classroom


Computer lab

It was indeed a great time to spend with these students. The vision of the Trust is being achieved by teaching these students and giving them the purpose of their life. It is a very good venture and these types of centres must be given more importance for the education and betterment of the society. Government must take care and help the education of such students by starting more valuable ventures like this.


There are many people who devote their life in serving these ventures, and we are thankful to such people who are a part of Ananya Trust and have made it successful.


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