“The earth has music for those who listen.”

Hi Welcome to QUEST GROUP!

As an organization, we specialize in conducting outdoor adventure programs, create experiential learning programs, set up Adventure Parks across Globe that conducts Events and Tournaments, dealing in sales of all the Adventure Equipment and many more. The business specializes in customized active trips for independent clients and groups with a strong emphasis on outdoor experiences, adventures, personally hand-picked lodging and special local food along with 100% client safety.

With the vision of providing unique adventure and experience based learning programs to the valuable customers, Quest Adventures provides the services to people of all age-groups. Our programs aim at catering to a variety of customers -Corporate, Educational Institutions and individuals.

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Be it indoor or outdoor we work as a family, supportive, cooperative and that makes Quest a place to work in


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Divyansh Gupta
Co founder
A mind behind Quest with the vision of Outdoor Experiential Learning across Industries and Outdoor Education in Schools.

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P B Gupta
Co founder
A specialty to work for Quest Adventures with Strategic Branding, maintaining Good Corporate Relationship and Brand value.

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Aryan Dhami
Outdoor Expert
Our Outdoor Expert is well trained and is certified in adventure sports from NIM, an Adventure Enthusiast and a specialized Trainer.

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Quest has come to a platform where they are recognized in the market, not just in the State of Karnataka but in the other parts of India as well. We take up challenges and are always ready to fulfil your requirements. At Present Quest has launched its Adventure Club in Bangalore which has its unique features like facilitating biking and cycling enthusiasts with the perfect location and has lots of creative ideas to offer. Our Target for the year is to increase our sales by 300% and to be the best outdoor service provider in the country.
2015 - At Present
Quest came up with a new idea in the name of ‘Nature Journey’ focusing on providing primary schools, high schools, and college students with outdoor educational and adventure programs. With such outdoor activities students can acquire leadership skills which will help them in understanding their interpersonal skills, physical and recreational skills and respect for others. Students will gain confidence and a sense of community belonging. We started with Summer Camps and Outdoor Education Program. Quest even expanded its business to Hyderabad and Pune.
2014 - School Outdoor Education Unit Launched

Quest in the year 2013 launched its Outdoor Training Unit known as Quest Learning Institute. The launch of this unit was a great success. The basic idea behind this unit was to create experiential learning among the corporate. Our programs are designed with an idea of ‘achievement’ as a quality learning outcome. These programs help new employees achieve their hidden potential and deliver the outcomes desired by the corporate.

2013 - Outbound Training Unit Launched

We expanded our services in the corporate world, with a wide range of options from basic team building activities to adventurous activities, with tailored and fixed departure programs for the corporate. These activities will help the corporate get a break from the casual life and will be motivated to work again with leadership and better communication within the organisation.

2012 - Expansion in Corporate World

Quest is an adventure service provider, formulated with the idea of conducting outdoor adventure programme, which involves enthusiasm and technicalities to finish the various tasks given on the field. Quest has been formed in order to create an awareness of adventure sports in India. India being a country rich in adventure sports, so we are here to cater such services to adventure seekers. Quest provides its services to all age groups. Learning through outdoors is our aim and people will enhance their skills through adventure activities.

2011 - Foundation of Quest Group

Year - 2011
Year - 2012
Year - 2013
Year - 2014

Quest Group : Services and Products

Quest Group is a service provider with the Trained Instructors , Experienced Trainers and Facilitators, Safe Camps and Tested Equipment.

Large Options for Corporate Team out and Offsite

Presence in Banglore, Hydrabad, Pune,Chennai

Quick Support Staff for the customization

Quick Corporate Tie-up

Personalized Service to Group and Institution

Trained Instructors from NIM,HMI Darjeeling

Certified and Experienced Trainers from Ex Service

Tested and Imported Equipment

Safe Camp and Venues

Platform for the Adventurers and Photographers

Quest making its mark in Adventure Sports!

Quest Adventure is one of its kinds. We are the excellent service providers in our domain. We are innovative, believes in the idea of team building and design programmes which facilitate learning of life skills through adventure.

We travel to various destinations, in stunning scenery, rare wildlife, terrains and beautiful camps where different adventure activities add life to the vacation.

Trusted and authenticated trainers and well equipped instruments for outdoors is what we excel in. We have earned the trust and respect from our clients and so they return back to us for more thrill, fun and memories.