Adventure Club is being introduced so that like minded people can meet and enjoy the adventure activities with Quest. The passionate, sporty, courageous, thrilling people have the chance to meet and dedicate their time for the events conducted by us. Quest has different adventure club where one can enroll and join us for free.

1. Cycling Club:


What happened when the engine was never into existence? Cycle was the mode of transport, but with the changing trend people have lost its importance. Cycling keeps you fit, healthy and makes you active. Cycling Club will involve you in different cycling events conducted at various locations where a responsive attitude to save the Mother Nature is cared upon.

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2. Hiking Club:



If you are adventurous and courageous then you will definitely enjoy the day and overnight hiking places with us. To walk for long, to create your own path, to live in the camps is not that simple; one has to be really very strong and brave. Bag packers and adventure sport lovers can take the challenge and hike with us in and around Bangalore.

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3. Biking Club:


The passion to ride a bike can only be understood by the true bikers.If it’s your Dream to travel with your gears on in the rugged terrains, natural trails and enjoy the National Highways then this is the best way to fulfill your desire. These days can be the best days of your life, show your passion, live, enjoy and make it worth living.

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4. We Club:


This is a club where there will be a mix of various events, events that will generate some social message. Cause for a Pause states that, we will bring up the day to day issues which should be considered and some changes are made in the society. We will march together being one and showing the world that everything is possible in this world.

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5. Stri Club:


Stri Club focuses on fulfilling the wishes of the adventurous Women of our society. Women who need a break from family, kids and the rest of the society can live their dreams of exciting journey and can redefine themselves by indulging in various activities for their outgoing personality.

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