Adventure tourism is not a new concept in India. Earlier highly passionate and courageous people used to plan for adventurous trips every now and then. Adventure builds the personality, improves the communication and helps to face challenges of life. Initially in order to motivate the employees, the company used to provide goodies or gift hampers. But the trend is changing now, team spirit and leadership qualities are enhanced by providing adventure activities to employees.

So here are some of the factors why corporate has overlooked and is engaging more in adventure sport activities:

1. The rate of Learning Increases:

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When employees are taken out from their offices, they engage themselves in the adventure activity and this helps them to learn the basic coordination and other team building activities, which they find difficult in their office environment.

2. Keeps the employee fit and active:

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Adventure activities are the motivational factor and it keeps the employees active and ready to take up the challenge. Adventure activities help in reacting to situations and involve each and every employee to take up the task.

3. Improves communication:

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Adventure sport activities are conducted outside the business organisation. It helps the employees to open up and interact with new members of their own company which they might find difficult in the office premises.

5. Trust Building:

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Adventure sports are risky and dangerous to take up. But if you go for any adventure sport, then there is a need to have a trust on your group members in order to achieve the target. So it also helps in trust building for any project coming up for the company.

5. Source of leisure and pleasure:

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In order to take a break from the normal routine, Adventure Sports are a means to leisure and pleasure. It keeps the employee motivated and makes sure they are back to office with positive spirit and enthusiasm.

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on May 11, 2015

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