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The team offsite of Avils and AV Solutions was conducted in the beautiful Garden Asia resort which boasts of a number of amenities. The employees were quite happy with the chance of going on a team offsite with Quest Adventures for a mix of adventure activities and team building activities.


After a hearty breakfast, an award ceremony was conducted for the employees in the conference hall which was well coordinated with the help of the emcee . A number of fun team building activities followed the ceremony which helped in fostering team spirit among the employees and enabled them to have fun along with building communication skills and sharpening decision making skills.

The award ceremony of Avils and AV Solutions was followed by an interesting mix of fun team activities and adventure based learning activities which included:

  • Minefield,
  • Pipeline,
  • Key Punch,
  • Spider Web,
  • Bull Ring

The second round of activities mainly focused on adventure activities which could help the employees to improve their productivity skills while taking full care of the safety measures and other requirements.

Post lunch a number of activities were conducted in which the employees performed a number of rope activities followed by a session of rain dance.

The resort offered various amenities to its guests such as an artificial waterfall along with nature and jungle retreat. A dinner party coupled with bonfire was another highlight of the evening after which the group departed for Bangalore.


Overall, the experience of the employees of Avils Automation and AV Solutions was quite good as they had a wonderful time with the experienced trainers of Quest Adventures and they were able to have an experiential learning out of the same.

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