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It is not every day that the employees of Big Basket get a chance to step out of their office and engage in team building activities but they got a chance to do so with the help of Quest Adventures. The training team and HR team of Big Basket who are already quite accomplished at conducting such activities for their employees were quite unsure of what the outcome of the activity would be. But, to their surprise, the team training turned out to be beyond their expectations.

All the training heads of various departments of the company were gathered and a quick round of introductions was made to break the ice between them. The coordinator briefed the employees about the various activities which would be conducted during the day and all the activities went on smoothly.


“Worked with Quest for the first time with a lot of scepticism, not knowing how the experience is going to be. The outing involved the HR and Training team who are considered experts in organizing and conducting such events themselves.  Organizing an OBT for them comes with a lot of pressure and constant judging. However, to my relief the Quest team lived up to the expectations and ensured that all participated. It was a fun event and I think they did a great job. “- Big Basket, HR Team Head.


The activities were conducted in a beautiful resort which is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. It reminds its guests about a time long forgotten in the midst of a busy city life. The resort is located near the airport road which makes it a convenient choice for a lot of corporate people.

A number of activities were conducted throughout the day which included:

  • Mini Olympics
  • Sponge Run
  • Magic Brick
  • Gunny Bag Race

These activities helped these HR professionals to further develop their decision making skills and to build team spirit among them. The activities were high on adrenaline and provided an adventurous feel to an otherwise normal team building activity.


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