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It is not every day that a bunch of employees from HCL come together to play a cricket tournament. Life, for them in general is scrunching data and developing software services in their busy office lives. However, there was a sense of excitement in the air as soon as the employees got divided into their respective teams. There were four teams which were formed on the basis of the colour of their uniform- Red, Blue, Grey and Yellow.


The splendid cricket ground added to the enticement of the tournament. A total of 6 matches were played between the two teams over a period of 2 days.


Yellow Team


Red Team

Day 1

The enthusiastic teams were all set to play the cricket matches which spanned over two days. On the first day, all the members of the various teams put their best foot forward to win against each other.


Finally, only two teams would proceed towards the finale which would take place the next day.


Day 2

On the second day, the two teams which had finally qualified for the second round played a final match against each other.


The cricket tournament concluded with the prize distribution ceremony. A number of trophies were handed out to the winning team, the runner up team, award for best bowler and award for best batsman.


Overall the employees of HCL had an amazing time at the cricket tournament which was topped off with delicious meals provided throughout the day. These tournaments certainly help the employees to come together for developing mutual friendships and relationships among one another.

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