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Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd came back with exciting memories after their outbound training with Quest Adventures. The employee engagement outbound training was conducted in a scenic eco-resort near Electronic City, 19 kilometres from Bangalore. The resort is a perfect weekend getaway for busy individuals who have a stressful work life and want to spend a day out with their family.


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After the training session, the employees were of the view, that the overall experience of the entire trip was quite amazing and that everybody had a lot of fun during the process.

“The first half of the session was quite enjoyable as the appointed trainer knew exactly what he was doing. We went ahead with our own games in the seond half of the session which was truly a memorable experience for all of us. The team at Quest Adventures was quite professional in handling our queries and proved their worth in organizing an extraordinary team offsite forour company.” – Huawei Business Development Executive

The day started off with a quick round of introductions and the entire group was divided into four different teams for better coordination and to ensure team building spirit.

The fun had just begun. Various amenities added to the overall feel of the outbound training program and helped in encouraging team spirit and communication among the individuals.

Scenic Eco Resort at Electronic City

Scenic Eco Resort at Electronic City

The first game started off with a race- quite similar to the baton race. However, instead of batons the individuals had to carry actual bats while running to and fro, from one spot to the other. There were a number of learning outcomes from this activity:

  • It helped to foster strategic decision making skills
  • Also helped in improving employee team spirit and engagement
  • Building productivity and enhancing creativity
Quick round of introductions

Quick round of introductions

The next activity was all about hoisting a flag in the most creative way possible. The employees of Huawei Technologies had a lot of fun during this activity as they were encouraged to come up with a number of bizarre ideas for their flags.

A man hoisting a flag!

A man hoisting a flag!


The most creative flag!

The most creative flag!

This activity helped in unleashing:

  • Creative minds which were fast asleep
  • Trust, communication and outflow of creative ideas

A new game called the “Egg Break Challenge” was rolled into motion quickly after the flag hoisting game. Quite a few materials were provided to the employees and they were asked to create a safety net out of those materials so that when they threw the egg it would not break. Creative outpour of talent ensured that the safety net was both- beautiful and strong.

The activity ensured a number of learning outcomes such as:

  • Team work and support system
  • Contributing towards the success of the entire team

The next activity that followed kept all the individuals on the top of their game as there was a lot of strategic running around in circles. The group would begin running as soon as the music started and when the music stopped, the coordinator would call out a number and the individuals had to form a group according to the respective number.


This activity is quite similar to the popular game “Musical Chairs” but it is conducted without actual chairs.

The employees learnt:

  • Quick decision making skills
  • Strategic planning and processing
  • Employee trust and communication

After a delicious lunch provided by the resort the activity session continued to include a friendly cricket match between the teams.


Another activity was organized by the coordinator called the “Connection Game.” In this activity, a sheet is laid out on the ground which has a number of colourful spots on it. The individuals are then asked to create a connection with the help of those colours. For example- when the coordinator says “right leg on red and left leg on yellow”, then the individual has to follow those instructions accordingly to create a connection.

After the completion of the training activity, all the employees had lovely time enjoying a quiet dinner and a cosy bonfire at the resort itself. The resort has a number of beautiful birds, a giant chess board and a swimming pool.

Overall, all the guests had a pleasant stay at the resort and were able to incorporate team spirit and sharpen their decision making skills through a variety of games.

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