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The employees of Janalakshmi Financial Services Limited had a chance to visit the Bannerghatta Eco resort for a one day trip to engage in a session of fun and team building activities with the help and guidance of Quest Adventures. Janalakshmi Financial Services Limited was incorporated in 2006 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Janlakshmi Financial Services Ltd operates as a non-banking financial institution in India. The company provides a variety of loans to those who require it- whether it home loan or loans required by farmers etc. In addition, it also offers life insurance for loans, micro pension services, and home insurance, and fire and burglary insurance products.

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A group of 18 members from the talent acquisition team and business partners tagged along to enjoy a wholesome day out at the Bannerghatta Eco resort which offered scenic views and a marvellous retreat. After a delicious breakfast the coordinator rounded up all the participants and briefed them about the proceedings of the day. The activities then began with a lot of enthusiasm.

What are our clients have to say about us?

The employees at Janalakshmi Financial Services Limited were extremely happy with the performance of the team of Quest Adventures. They were filled with lots of joyous and happy memories and felt that they could come back again to experience a wonderful day out.


The Experience

A lot of fun and team building activities took place after a delicious breakfast at the resort. The employees engaged in a number of rope activities which helped these employees to have a better hand at decision making and skill development through a little adventure based activity session. This activity session was then followed by Rain dance and the most awaited game of paintball.

The resort offered various amenities to its guests such as an artificial waterfall along with nature and jungle retreat. Overall, the experience of the employees of Janalakshmi Financial Services Limited was quite good as they had a wonderful time with the experienced trainers of Quest Adventures and they were able to have an experiential learning out of the same.




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