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Netrack, the company which is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, assembling and testing of network and server racks has grown into a huge giant in the country. Their employees were delighted with the prospect of going on a team off-site with Quest Adventures. The team off-site was conducted in the beautiful Windflower Resort which offered scenic views and a marvellous retreat. After a delicious breakfast the coordinator rounded up all the participants and briefed them about the proceedings of the day. The entire group of around 40 people were divided into 2 teams namely- Spiderman and Superman. The activities then began with a lot of enthusiasm.


A lot of fun and team building activities took place after a delicious breakfast at the resort. The employees engaged in a number of rope activities which helped these employees to have a better hand at decision making and skill development through a little adventure based activity session. The activities included:

  • Passing the ball
  • Magic Brick
  • Face to Face
  • Keypunch
  • Magic Carpet
  • Human Knot
  • Connection game
  • Tug of war

These activities helped in increasing employee engagement through the process of experiential learning and thinking about out of the box concepts and strategies.

The entire trip was an absolute delight for the employees at USPSL who wished to join Quest Adventures again for organizing other events like this team offsite in the future.





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