Moments of sheer pleasure and wonderful memories was all that the employees of Only Group Healthcare remembered when they came back from their day trip to Banarghatta Eco Camp. The employee offsite was specially conducted to boost the morale of the employees and to help them to build team spirit and vitality.


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The employees of Only Group Healthcare felt that the team was able to have a relaxing and enjoyable time along with a learning experience which was what they expected out of their day trip with Quest Adventures. They were filled with lots of joyous and happy memories and felt that they could come back again to experience a wonderful day out.

Only Group Healthcare employees were totally geared up to be part of an exciting day at Bannerghatta Nature Camp. They did get off to a rocky start as there was some confusion regarding the location. However, that was only an initial hitch. They arrived at Bannerghatta Nature Camp in time for an excellent breakfast.

Considering they scribe for US doctors all night long on the computers 5-6 days a week, they needed a thorough warm-up before they could begin adventure activities. And that’s exactly what AV (Avin Kumar) got them to do – team building activities that were interesting and super fun!!

The food offered in the resort was good. The highlight of the day was the Rain Dance, especially since it was summer time. They had loads and loads of fun… memories that will last for a long time. Their next adventure will definitely be with Quest again.

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After a brief roundup of all the participants, the activities of the day commenced with full vigour and energy. In the first half of the session many team building activities were conducted which helped employees to connect with one another and communicate in an effective manner.

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The first activity of the day was making a “Collage Story”. In this activity a number of items were given to the employees of Only Group such as newspaper, craft paper, glue and other decorative items. They were then asked to create a collage out of the given items and depict a story while doing the same. This game fosters-

  • Creative outpour of energy
  • Employee engagement
  • Quick decision making skills

The second round of activities mainly focused on adventure activities which could help the employees to improve their productivity skills while taking full care of the safety measures and other requirements. The main activities included-

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-23 at 5.24.54 PM-min                                                                                             Zip lining

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Rope Activities

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These activities helped in increasing employee engagement through the process of experiential learning and thinking about out of the box concepts and strategies.

After the completion of the day’s activities, a friendly cricket match was held among the group members followed by a musical Rain dance which was quite enjoyable for all the participants.

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The resort offered various amenities to its guests such as an artificial waterfall along with nature and jungle retreat. Overall, the experience of the employees of Only Group Healthcare was quite good as they had a wonderful time with the experienced trainers of Quest Adventures and they were able to have an experiential learning out of the same.

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