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The industry’s first autonomous data platform, Qubole, is a leading cloud based data platform in the country was fortunate enough to participate in the team building activity which was organised for its employees. The employees at Qubole, Bangalore were quite excited to go on a one day team outing trip with Quest Adventures.  They returned back with happy, fun-filled memories. Their one day trip to the Windflower Prakrati Resort was filled with fun and frolic along with some adventure based activities.


The first order of the day was the ice breaking session between the employees of Qubole which was beautifully conducted by the outdoor coordinators of Quest Adventures. After a hearty breakfast the employees had a chance to engage in various team building activities which were able to enhance the communication and engagement skills between the employees.

The ice breaking session was quite enjoyable in nature. All the employees formed a circle while holding each other’s hands and they were then supposed to detangle themselves and make the circle whole again. After this session a number of interesting games were conducted which included:

  • Head or tail


  • Magic Carpet


  • Bamboo Bridge



These activities helped in fostering team spirit among the employees and enabled them to have fun along with building communication skills and sharpening decision making skills. The entire trip was an absolute delight for the employees at Qubole who wished to join Quest Adventures again for organizing other events like this team offsite in the future.







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