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do you have a favourite line or chapter from Belinda Blinked . Mine is definitely the Titanic nipples one. I think that might be mine as well, you know? It’s just so bizarre. It just keeps going, as an anecdote… it’s not just the Titanic, it’s the “fateful Titanic. Were James and Alice a conscious pick to do this project with you. They were two of the friends I first read it to, they were involved in the critiquing of it from very early on, but in terms of getting them on the podcast, they are just two of the funniest people I know. I was like, I need to have some big hitters to combat this stuff with me. And we’ve also always made stuff together; we’ve made sketches and web series and written some stuff ever since university. http://tubetria.mobi They just felt like the natural fit. I feel so comfortable with them, I’ve known them for nearly 15 years so it was something I wasn’t going to feel too embarrassed reading to them. It was a little bit intimidating to begin with, because I didn’t know what was going to be coming next in the book because I don’t read ahead of time, so I didn’t want to do it with people I didn’t know very well, and have to be like “um, can we just… stop here because it’s getting a bit weird. [Alice and James] also know my parents, which helped a lot as well, because that was the other really important part of the project. I wanted it to have my parents’ blessing, and my wider family too actually, so that everyone was completely up for it and ok with us doing it. Having James and Alice involved made it feel a little bit more like a safe environment for everyone.
Rocky said “Oh my god that’s brilliant, that’s fantastic, do it! Now, what’s a podcast. It is tricky as a writer of any kind whether it be writing books like your dad, or writing for TV or film like yourself to borrow from your own life. How important was it for you to have your parents blessing before it went ahead. It was everything. I would never have done it without being completely upfront and honest with them. It was quite funny actually, I said “Dad I’m thinking of making this into a podcast”, and he was like “Oh my god that’s brilliant, that’s fantastic, do it! Now, what’s a podcast. So then I explained to him what a podcast was and I played my whole family the first episode together so that we all could see the tone of it, and what it was about, and everyone was really cool about it actually. We are quite a close family, and we’ve all got a bit of crazy in us and I think everyone was up for it being this kind of family in-joke, that has obviously become bigger and bigger and bigger. Vagina Lids And Cervix Grabbing: ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ Shows Us Why Sex Is Inherently Funny. I think that’s probably part of its success that it’s not mean-spirited. It’s so warm, and even though it’s so gross, you’ve had people write in being really grateful for dissolving their nerves around sex. It shows how it’s kind of funny and weird for everyone. Was that an unexpected part of the podcast this sort of reflection on your relationship with your dad and your family, and people’s relationship to sex. Certainly, we went into it being very clear that we didn’t want it to be cruel in anyway. I love my dad, and I actually think it’s great that he’s written these books! Jokes aside, I think anyone who actually writes something and creates something should be given all the props in the world. But yeah, that whole other side to it and how it’s caught on and the listeners relationship to the podcast is something we never really could have anticipated. People have, as you say, used it to lose their virginity, people have used it as their birthing soundtrack to distract them from the pain, we’ve had some amazing messages from people dealing with bereavement and depression and the podcast helping them through tough times. All of that has been a really, really rewarding side effect of making this show that we’ve been proud of from the beginning. But we never, ever, imagined that it would catch on in that way. I think people do reassess their own family dynamics through the show, in a way. It kind of lifts the lid on how the dynamic of the relationship with your parents shifts when you become an adult. That’s sometimes quite a difficult progression to navigate. They’re no longer your parents in the traditional sense; they’re no longer providing for you and you’re not under their roof, and they do become more of your friend. I think seeing my parents as human beings has been a really interesting thing for me. To quickly wrap up a friend said to me that Rocky Flinstone is such a ridiculous pseudonym, and he asked me to ask you what yours would be, and if you’d consider Jamie Jetson. Jamie Jetson! That’s amazing. Oh my god I’m going to steal that. You know I probably should have had a pseudonym throughout this process! I never thought that it would ever be popular enough to warrant one, and people have often asked me are you going to be Jamie Flinstone, and I’m like, I’m still very much the Emilio Estevez of the Sheen dynasty. Dad can take the Flinstone, but I might keep Morton. But maybe Jetson. My Dad Wrote a Porno is touring Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth later this year. More info here. The first episode of the show s third season is online now. Rebecca Varcoe is a writer and events producer from Melbourne. She makes print humour journal Funny Ha Ha and writes about all kinds of things for a few places online. My Dad Wrote a Porno Podcast Team Talks Hollywood Fans and Movie Plans. The hit British comedy podcast — detailing the unintentionally hilarious sexual adventures of a female sales executive —В counts Daisy Ridley, Elijah Wood and Michael Sheen among its many, many fans. Despite Mumford and Sons being the headline band two days later, on the Thursday night at U. K. s recently concluded Latitude Festival (like a slimmed down and slightly more sedate version of Glastonbury), there was no question about what the main attraction was. Under a tent almost bursting at the seams, with crowds spilling out into the fields around, three unassuming figures were given a rock star s welcome as they took to the stage to sit on three distinctly un-rock n roll folding chairs. Their act: reading out a chapter of a pornographic novel. Introducing My Dad Wrote a Porno . the hit British comedy podcast that, since it first launched in September 2015, has gone from cultish guilty pleasure to global word-of-mouth sensation, with more than 60 million downloads across three seasons, a regular domination of the Apple iTunes charts and now a world tour of their live stage show. Porno s humble beginnings date back to the day London-based Jamie Morton discovered that his retired father going under the pen name Rocky Flintstone had written a book called Belinda Blinked . an adult novel focusing on the sexual adventures of an enthusiastic 30-something woman called Belinda Blumenthal as she navigates the exotic waters of the pots and pans industry (seriously).

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