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Quest Adventure has started up with its Adventure Club where you can join us for free and enjoy the exciting events that will be conducted now and then. Register with us and we will be sending you mails for the upcoming events, you can even get the information through our web site or at your organisations desk.

The concept behind Cycling Club is that, due to increasing pollution, we a part of Quest Adventure wants to aware the general public about the increasing global warming and create a responsive attitude towards the Mother Nature. So here we come with exciting cycling activities where you can race, enjoy your weekend and involve yourself in the adventure.

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Hikers Club is designed for the enthusiast and adventure sports lover who are ready to take up any challenge. Quest Adventure is coming up with overnight and day trekking packages in and around Bangalore which is amusing and very challenging.

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Bikers enthusiast, love for speed, passionate and daring people must join this club. We will take you to the nature trails, the rugged terrains, beautiful highways and to the best motorable roads which you have always dreamt about. You must experience with us and you will meet some thrilling bikers for life.

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Quest Adventures is coming up with a new concept named as “We Club” where you will find variety of activities. This is something different; every time you wake up we will be ready with something new. “We Club” is based on cause for a pause where the world’s alarming issues will be brought into notice and we will be marching to bring awareness in the society.

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This club is designed especially for women; Women are considered as the homemaker, who doesn’t get out of the house and keeps fulfilling the wishes of her family members. But this club has much to provide to Women, they are not frightened or afraid rather they are outgoing and courageous. So this is the place for those women who want to explore in order to redefine themselves. Adventure Activities for Women are designed in a manner that they are fully secured and can enjoy with their full heart.


Why join us?

If you have missed the adventure in your life till date, don’t worry Quest Adventure will give you a platform where you can come and meet new adventure sport lovers and enthusiast from all age group. Meeting new people of all age group will help you to explore yourself better and this will help you in building confidence to face everyday’s tasks.

Who can Enroll?

There is no eligibility as such. All travel and adventure sport enthusiast can join us. We welcome all to experience with us. We have approached Fitness Club/ Gym, Colleges, Schools, Corporate. For ease you can directly register with us on

All you need to do is to just fill the following form, send us and register for FREE . You will get the notification for your Club Activities in your INBOX and you will be the part of Trip Designing team of QUEST CLUB.