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Kabini National Park (or Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary) is a popular wildlife destination of South India. On the banks of one of its prime attraction, Kabini River, one can easily spot wild animals like elephants and tigers. The national park is located on the southern-eastern part of Nagarhole National Park and covers an area of 55 acres of forestland, water-bodies and steep valleys. In the earlier era, this was a private hunting spot of Mysore’s king and then became a hotspot for British viceroys and Indian royalties. Kabini is home to Asia’s largest herd of elephants and more than 300 species of birds are spotted throughout the year.

The district of Kabini is located about 94 km away from Mysore, Karnataka. It is situated between Mysore and Kodagu districts and on the northwest of Bandipur National Park.

Kabini Forest Reserve is surrounded by Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Mudumalai National Park, Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park.

The vicinity is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Best time to visit


The best time to visit the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is between October and May. During summer, animals in large numbers gather near the lake. It is advisable not to visit the sanctuary between June and September as the region experiences heavy rainfall during this time of the year.

There are different kinds of accommodation facilities available near the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka. Lodges and guesthouses are available which offer excellent accommodation and outstanding services.


How to reach Kabini?


By Bus:  A trip by bus is the best option to choose if you are planning a budget visit to Kabini. The KSRTC runs a lot of regular buses from Bangalore and Mysore to Kabini at moderate rates that  will fit well in to your budget. From private deluxe A/c buses to normal buses, there are a lot of options to choose from while you plan for a Kabini trip by bus.

By train:  You can reach Kabini quite easily as Mysore is the nearest station and it is just 80 kilometres from Kabini. There are no direct trains to Kabini, but you can reach Mysore by train as it is well-connected to a lot of major cities and then hire a cab or bus from Mysore to Kabini.

By Flight:  There is no airport at Kabini and the Bangalore Airport is the nearest one, located at a distance of 208 kilometres. Bangalore airport can be reached easily from anywhere as it is well-connected with all the airports in India. From there onwards a cab can be hired to reach Kabini.

By Cab/Car:  If a road trip is what you want, then a Kabini car rental is the right option. For reaching Kabini by car, start from Bangalore and move in the southwest direction to Mysore and then head to SH17D to Antarasante, Karapur and finally reach Kabini.


Must try outs in Kabini


Kabini is a perfect place to get away from the busy and hectic schedule of your corporate life and indulge in the beauty of nature. Kabini has a lot to offer right from the Jungle Safari, boating and trekking in Nagarhole Forest.

The Jungle Safari is a great opportunity to experience the essence of this place and appreciate the humungous amount of flora and fauna spread across the area.

The nature walk in the forest is a must if you want to reconnect with the surroundings and nature all over again. With the largest congregation of Asiatic Elephants, Elephant Safari is a fun way to get close with the wildlife in Kabini.

Also, boating down the Kabini River is a one of a kind experience. The view is just spectacular with dense forest all around and at times spotting various animals in their natural surroundings makes the ride and the entire vacation worth it.


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