Life at Quest- A Team Outing Experience

Life at Quest Adventures is incomplete without a little mix of fun and adventure activities. We got a chance to experience the same when we set off on our journey to Bannerghatta Nature Camp Resort. After settling in at the back of the pickup truck we started singing to ourselves and making the most of this fun team outing.


The road leading up to the Bannerghatta resort was stunningly beautiful and was surrounded by lush green cover on both sides. As soon as we reached the Bannerghatta Nature Camp Resort, we were enthralled by its captivating beauty. The resort was unlike any other. It was designed to give a unique feel of being extremely close to the nature.

Fun and frolic are never far behind when you have a group of enthusiastic employees by your side. After a round of delicious snacks the group got divided into two- boys v/s girls for dumb charades.  It was extremely entertaining to watch people give it their best shot while they struggled to act out the movie title.


Another interesting game was the memory game, in which an individual was supposed to exercise his/her entire memory skills in order to win. All these fun games kept us occupied through the middle of the night. The bonfire added to the fun and excitement while we continued to play these games including the Human Knot. Our mentors emphasised the importance of team work and how problem solving skills are essential in every organisation in order to develop and grow. We settled in our comfortable tents for the rest of the night and fell asleep far too soon.


We were greeted by the warm rays of the sun the next morning. It was difficult to get out of our cosy tent but soon enough all of us were ready for the next set of activities planned out for the day. We started our day with a scrumptious breakfast and headed over to play some indoor and outdoor games like badminton, carrom and table tennis. Few of us also tried the rope activities which were quite thrilling, specially the Burma Bridge.


Then it was time to play the cricket match which was the highlight of the day. The entire group was divided into two teams- Dragonfly and Aloha. Both the teams gave it their best shot while Dragonfly won the final match. Each team member felt elated and satisfied with their amazing performance on the field.


After a delicious lunch, we also spent a lot of time relaxing in the pool which was a rejuvenating experience for all of us. Then we prepared ourselves for an epic showdown of paintball. The teams as usual were divided into Boys v/s Girls. The red jackets were donned by the girls while the black ones were worn by the boys. In the end, the black team won the match. We also spent a lot of time shooting paintballs on target bottles and practicing our archery skills.


Overall we had an amazing experience on this team outing and it seemed like the perfect way to the wonderful experience we had as employees in Quest Adventures. We learnt a lot from this trip as it helped us in gaining a new perspective on life and the challenges we face as a team. Quest Adventures has definitely helped all of us in a major way and has enabled us to face multiple challenges along the way.


The trip continuously challenged us to become better versions of ourselves, to forget our fears and to take in every battle and every victory as the same. The laughter, the games and the fun we had during the entire trip is something which we will cherish forever.


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