“Nature Journey- School Outdoor Education Company”

Welcome to Nature Journey (A Unit of QUEST Group) !

Our Mission

To provide leadership and life skills to children through experiential learning and adventure activities

Our Motto

“Safety First” is “Safety Always” • Safe environment provided for all adventure activities • All our instructors are experienced and certified from HMI, NIM and other recognized • mountaineering institutes. We have 1 instructor for ratio of 10 children including lady • instructors. • A complete first aid kit will be available with instructors as well as at the site of operation • All our equipment’s are imported and checked before being used. • Standby vehicle available at all sites for any medical emergency


• Enhances Leadership Skills & Team Work • Improves Physical Endurance & Fitness • Better problem solving competencies • Increases social skills like communication, confidence and decision making • Academic achievement increases


In School Program

Graded curriculum based program

Summer Camp

5-7 days of fun and adventure based learning away from your comfort zone

Educational Trips

Experience Trips, All India trips with activities, International Trips, Industrial Visits

Nature Connect

Day Out, Overnight Camping, Adventure

Nature Challenge

Inter and Intra School outdoor challenge

Exchange Program

Exchange program between schools in different geographical locations

Faculty Outbound Training

Leadership, Team Bonding Training

Hand In Hand

CSR activity for the kids in need.

Talk to Us: (080) 39577080


Quest Group: Services and Products

Quest Group is a service provider with the Trained Instructors, Experienced Trainers and Facilitators, Safe Camps and Tested Equipment.

Large Options for Team out and Offsite

Presence in Banglore, Hydrabad, Pune, Delhi, Chennai

Quick Support Staff for the customization

Quick Corporate Tie-up

Personalized Service to Group and Institution

Trained Instructors from NIM, HMI Darjeeling

Certified and Experienced Trainers from Ex Service

Tested and Imported Equipment

Safe Camp and Venues

Platform for the Adventurers and Photographers

We are the Best Outdoor Education Company

Best Outdoor Education Company with Presence and delivery across India and Overseas, Trained staff with the experiences facilitators. Handpicked suitable locations for outdoor Programs. Nature Journey has made its place in the industry; we have been regarded as the best School Outdoor Education company. With good school reviews and satisfied students our client list has been increasing since a while. We provide quality services with the best trainers and certified learners.

We plan, execute, discuss with the schools/parents the type of program they require for their kids, work on it and then deliver it in the best possible way. Tailor made services make us different from rest of the world. With changing and emerging technology, we do provide new type of education methods to our students. Regular evaluation and analysis of such programs makes the schools/parents/kids believe that we are with them forever.