“Quest Adventure’s OBT Unit is known as QLI ( Quest Learning Institute) .”

Hi Welcome to Quest Learning Institute ( OBT Unit of QUEST Group) !

Quest Learning Institute is a premier institute in outbound and experiential learning, with a mission to provide learning through outdoors, experiential and environmental techniques for the Organizational and People Development .

Established with its Operational Branches in Bangalore and Delhi. Quest Learning Institute currently providing training services at all the major locations in India and Sri-Lanka.

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Team of experienced and trained professional with all INDIA Presence. 

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Divyansh Gupta
Founder and CEO
Mr Divyansh Gupta ( Founder and CEO ) A mind behind QLI with the vision of Outdoor Experiential Learning  across Industries and Outdoor Education in Schools.

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Col Amar Nihalani
Chief Facilitator and Trainer
Col Amar Nihalani, Chief facilitator and Trainer for the Outbound Training with 10+ year Experience. Already conducted 300+ OBT Programs across all Industries.

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Diana Charles
Chief Facilitator and Trainer
Mrs Diana Charles, Chief Facilitator with 7+year of Outbound Experiential Learning Experience.  Conducted OBL. HR training program across Industries

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Aryan Dhami
QUEST Outdoor Instructors
Outdoor Instructors are certified from NIM and HMI with the experience in Adventure Sports and handling the OBT setup along with Instructors.

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• Understand client requirement – Initially we meet the client, try to understand what the actual idea behind conducting the training program is; we take all the inputs from the client and start working on it. • Assignment of the Training Program – After gathering all the ideas and inputs by the client, we as a team work on it. The Training which have to be delivered are given mere importance, the schedule is prepared and the entire team works on it as how the training programme will be conducted. • Discussion and Freeze the training objectives – Finally a will help in deciding the training objectives and ideology. It gives answers to many questions like how and what will the training program be? What will be the outcome from the program? The discussion will help in deciding the outcomes and the learning’s from the training that is going to be conducted.

•Tailoring the program as per the clients need and objectives. •Modification and iterative discussion with the customer to support the objectives. •Sharing the Trainers and Facilitators profiles. •Program arrangement with Location Selection, Hospitality, Transportation and Training process..
•Development of the Action Plan •Program Facilitation by Experienced Trainers, Instructors and Coordinators •Capture group and personal data as per the program objectives. •Briefing and De-Briefing after each activity
A•Psychometric Tests •Theoritical Questionaier as per the Objectives.

• These training programmes help in analysing the individual as well as the group’s behaviour. An analysis report is being prepared after the training is done. Lately the feedback is shared and continuous analysis of the individual and groups are done periodically.



Delhi and NCR


Bangalore and Chennai


Hyderabad and Pune



Quest Group : Services and Products

Quest Group is a service provider with the Trained Instructors , Experienced Trainers and Facilitators, Safe Camps and Tested Equipment.

Large Options for Corporate Team out and Offsite

Presence in Banglore, Hydrabad, Pune,Chennai

Quick Support Staff for the customization

Quick Corporate Tie-up

Personalized Service to Group and Institution

Trained Instructors from NIM,HMI Darjeeling

Certified and Experienced Trainers from Ex Service

Tested and Imported Equipment

Safe Camp and Venues

Platform for the Adventurers and Photographers

We are the Best OBT Company

Best OBT Company with Presence and delivery across India and Overseas , Trained staff with the experiences facilitators. Handpicked suitable locations for the OBL Programs. QLI has made its place in the industry; we have been regarded as the best outbound training company. With good client reviews and satisfied customers our client list has been increasing since a while. We provide quality services with the best trainers and certified learners.

We plan, execute, discuss with the clients the type of services they require, work on it and then deliver it in the best possible way. Tailor made services make us different from rest of the world. With changing and emerging technology we do provide new type of training methods to our clients. Regular evaluation and analysis of such training makes them believe that we are with them forever.