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Our Summer Camp are unique in its own which offer your kids a breath take from usual vacation and offers them a platform to learn new skills, cherish an experience and spend a time which they could learn from and cherish for a long haul. Based in nature and picturesque locations this is a unique platform for young to expose and experience through outdoor activities the importance of physical wilderness that provides a physical, mental and emotional challenge to the students essential to build character and leadership skills which if equipped proves to be an asset for future.
Safety is key to our success and with outdoor adventures comes the element of rigorous safety standards which we comply and follow. We have a team of dedicated and trained counselors, equipment, first aid facility and medical van coupled with ground handling staff certified, trained and equipped to ensure the safety guidelines are adhered and outdoor adventure becomes a empowering experience. They function cohesively and earn a sense of trust confidence and comfort amongst the young population.

Activities & Camp programs:

We undertake 5 days and 7 days camp and camps are designed with offerings suited for an enriching, enduring and learning experience.
Outdoor Survival
Wilderness Craft/Back Packing (Trekking/Rock Climbing & Camp Fire)
Rock Craft
Water Craft
Mountain Biking
We follow rigorous safety guidelines and our staff/counselors are trained/certified to ensure your safety and an enriching experience. We have a dedicated medical van and first aid facility available at location at your help.



• Increased self-concept such as independence, confidence, self-efficacy, and self-understanding
• Enhanced decision-making skills
• General problem solving competencies
• Better academic achievement
• Increased ability to overcome challenges with endurance and spirit
• Leadership Skills and Team Work
• Better social competence
• Better communication skills
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