Spiti : An Adventurous Solace

Ever got displeased, waking off from a dream of yours, chilling in the cold desert mountain? Well, I wouldn’t say that’s wrong because I have felt it too. I am talking about a dream of mine, back in the days when I dreamt of a place I thought didn’t exist. I was wrong! I found one, that’s Spiti.

Just like the name defines, “The Middle Land”, it is placed by nature in between India & Tibet and cloaked in the high altitudes of Himachal Pradesh, 14,931 ft. above from the sea level, it is waiting for the ones who deserve to witness the best ever cinematic vision and experience that a life has to give. A wide open adventurous spot, compositing religious history, natural escape and a positive isolation from the rest of the chaotic world! That’s Spiti.

Telescoping down to the rest of the low lands panning through each and every curve that the mountainous beauty has to showcase, every reflection that bounces off the crystal clear river drains; that sun-kissed golden cloak the peaks put over, and every dawn and dusk; you can’t afford to blink. The green spotted figures randomly spread across the white mountains seems like beads of the peak’s necklace enhancing its beauty. Well, don’t be mistaken by the bird’s eye view. Those are the ancient Buddhist monasteries, still standing strong holding its glory. The secret of its beauty can be concluded as its isolation. The natural beauty remains untouched. It is counted among the least populated places of India and climbs up even further on the list as the winter chill rolls in.

This astonishing craft of nature is equally interesting and popular among pilgrimage travelers, historians, adventure enthusiasts and Geologists as it composites ancient monasteries, trekking trails, and mountain biking routes all at this same place. Yes, that’s right; it’s a new travel blend in the limelight, that’s Spiti.The place is accessible throughout the year via a 412km long Shimla – Kinnaur route. No direct flights are available to Spiti. However, the nearest domestic airport is in Bhuntar, 245 km from Spiti and the nearest International airport is in Chandigarh, 522 km away from the same.



Once you reach at these airports, from there you can take the roadways to cover further distance along with which you get the glimpse of that heavenly spot. Though it is accessible round the year, the best suggested time would be during summer or late summer season as winter doesn’t corporate much with the trails, leading to some serious skids. The roads aren’t that smooth, thus ignored by many. But like they say; “Nothing good comes that easy”. Do you need it? Earn It. Each and every effort put forth to reach this breath-taking site is worth it. Go to Spiti, Go for Spiti! Just like I pronounced its praise, this new blend of travel trend tends to provide all sorts of adventurous activities. Trekking, camping, rock climbing, mountaineering and hiking just to name a few. Backpackers are also welcome.


‘The road less traveled’, they say, and Spiti perhaps designates the term whole-heartedly as the footsteps yearned there are just a few. With the population of mere a few hundreds, Spiti portrays its melancholy as one of the most glorious parts of India.



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