Screenshot (206)Have you ever thought that an improper diet can destroy your entire trip? Many people face such problems and to avoid it here are few tips that can be followed. Before travelling we pack our bags with all the necessary documents and clothes, but one must not forget to plan for their diet before leaving home. We should make our body fit before we leave home so that we are healthy enough to travel for long. If we are fit enough then only we can enjoy the entire trip. Even small health problems can make our entire trip meaningless and unsuccessful. So one should plan well and follow some good eating habits or do some sort of yoga that will make them fit and healthy to fight all the circumstances coming on their way while they are travelling.

Here are few suggestions that can be followed by a Traveller:

  • While travelling, the atmosphere changes and it affects a traveller’s health completely. Some people are good enough to manage such a sudden change but mostly if people are not fit then the change in weather harms their body and makes them sick. So people should stay outdoors and connect with the atmosphere, to keep them fit for longer.
  • People do feel stressed out at the time of travelling, so one should work out well before they start travelling. Stress exercises should be adhered and practiced well along with balanced diet, digestive food should be given preference and a meal should contain proper amount of fibre and minerals. It will keep them away from the problems like digestion, acidity etc.
  • Tender Coconut, Soya Milk, Green Tea etc should be taken in the day’s diet to stay healthy. In order to keep the digestive system appropriate Heeng Goli, Pudin hara, Anardana should be carried in the travel bag.

If we think good and eat well then we will be fit in the entire journey, which is very essential before starting a trip. It has been truly said that you can enjoy the journey only when you stay fit. God Bless You, Happy Journey!!

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